Go All Out: A letter to the Class of 2019

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Senior Year

As a senior, it’s our last year here at Morton Ranch High School before we go out into the world and start a new chapter in our lives. Therefore, we should enjoy our final year as Mavericks and participate in the school events and the many clubs MRHS has to offer.

The staff and faculty here at MRHS have some amazing things in store for us this year to make sure our final moments here are memorable, and something we look back on in the future with fondness.

Even if you’re the type of person who usually doesn’t go to school events or doesn’t participate in other extracurricular activities, it’s nice to participate in the social events your senior year, like homecoming, prom and the senior class trip. Even if your friends are forcing you to go, you’ll thank them in the future for the amazing time you’ll have.

I’m a senior, and I’m also like this. I’d rather just stay home and sleep, but my friends will be dragging me out with them to make sure we go through our senior year the right way. Although I might hate the idea at the time, I’m secretly looking forward to the all the things they are going to drag me out to, because they’re my friends. It’s more fun to do things together. It’s that simple.

Our senior year is meant to be special. Although we still have a lot of work to do, keeping our grades up and preparing for college, it’s still a time for us to enjoy ourselves. Go all out. Participate in spirit days. Enjoy every moment.

This year should not end in regrets, or you wishing you had gone to homecoming or prom. There’s a million reasons to not do something, whether it be homework, studying for a test or any other reason, but you’ll only end up regretting it, thinking of what could have been.

It’s our final year here at the Ranch, and our final year at a place that has become like a second home for many of us. Enjoy your final moments with friends you might not see in awhile after high school. Senior year should end on a good note.

Some things to look forward to:

-Senior Day (Oct. 10)

-Homecoming Spirit Week (Oct. 29 to Nov. 2)

-Homecoming Game and Dance (Nov. 2 and 3)

-Senior Trip (Spring)

-Prom and Project Prom (Spring)

-Senior Chill Out (End of the Year)

-Graduation (May 25)

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