Opinion: Our work is never done

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Opinion: Our work is never done

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Summer is near, and the thought that we are finally done with work being thrown at us brings me solace. We can simply spend time with friends and get that tan we’ve always wanted. Although summer is a time where we can relax a little, that doesn’t mean our work is done.

There is always work to be done. Many of us are striving toward our personal goals and hope to uphold those expectations we set for ourselves.

For seniors, they will be taking a huge step in their lives and going into a new unexplored world. With many going to college, looking for jobs, and finally becoming more independent, more responsibility is placed on them than ever before. This is the time of their lives where they steer their life in the direction they want to go, which can be pretty scary.

For many others, we still have more of high school to live through, plus the added stress of our personal lives. We can take this little breather and relax for a bit, but ultimately we should be preparing ourselves for the work to come, whether it be reading that summer book for a Pre-AP or AP English class or anything else we have to do.

Especially juniors, myself included, we have a lot on our plate going into next year. It’s the final year and the final push through high school. Right now though, we all need to focus on the tasks we have at the moment, whether it be looking for a job, preparing for that June 2nd SAT test, or again, doing that summer reading.

It’s always good to stay ahead of the game, and I don’t know why I don’t follow my own advice, because I’m a big procrastinator when it comes down to my own work.

Your best effort should always go into your work as well, or why else should you put yourself through that kind of stress? If along the way you happen to fall behind, that’s okay. It happens to everyone. It’s better to pick yourself up after you’ve fallen behind than to quit something you’ve put effort into. Quitting will get you nowhere in life. It’s only those who get up each time after they have suffered a setback that reach unimaginable heights.

Now, there’s only one week left of school and only our semester finals stand in the way between us and our temporary freedom. Let’s not fall behind now at the very end. Let’s give it our all one more time and ace those finals! It would be disappointing to end all our efforts we’ve put into this school year on a sour note. Then we can focus on the next chapter of our lives with a clear conscience knowing we did everything we could. After all, our work is never really done is it? There is always something else to do; that’s just the way life is.

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