Fall DIY: Leaf Bowl

Vanessa Chaires, Reporter, Calendar Editor

Fall is such an exciting season for me as well as others who enjoy cozying up in blankets and jackets thanks to the cold front. There’s also Halloween and my favorite holiday Thanksgiving, because well there’s food involved. Usually on Thanksgiving your mom brings out the fancy dining set and fall decorations to impress your family. So this Fall season, why not make your own decorations instead of spending crazy amounts of money? Specifically, try making a leaf bowl. Below are the instructions for this simple and cute DIY.



  • Faux leaves (two to three dozen, depending on the size of your balloon)
  • One balloon
  • Large mixing bowl (to hold balloon)
  • Scissors
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Water
  • Small cup (to hold glue)
  • Painting brush (preferably foam)
  • Sharp item to deflate balloon


  1. Cut or take off leaves from their faux branches, you won’t really need the stems or veins so carefully peel those off entirely. Make sure the leaves are flat.
  2. Start inflating your balloon and choose how big you would like your bowl, then tie it. With the tied end pointing down, place it in the bowl and make sure it is secure.
  3. In separate bowl, combine glue and water. Using the brush, cover the top of the balloon with glue and only on one side of the leaves. Press leaves on balloon and arrange how you like. If doing layers, repeat the process. It’s optional to do layers, but remember the more layers the balloon is, the thicker and stronger the bowl will look.
  4. Now leave the balloon to dry for a few hours until it is completely dry. Try to not poke it like I did, or it will ruin the position of leaves.
  5. With your sharp item, begin deflating the balloon near the tied end and separate the balloon from the leaf bowl. Remove the little glue or balloon flakes from the bowl and voila! You have a nifty leaf bowl for keys, jewelry and anything your heart desires.

Disclaimer! Please don’t set food inside like cereal or etc. It’s not that kind of bowl.