Let’s Roll To Hoco: Tips for asking your date to Homecoming

Laura Perich, Reporter, Social Media Editor

Homecoming is right around the corner, and Mav’ can’t hold their excitement, If you wish to ask your significant other to homecoming but don’t know how, just keep reading! In this article there are many examples that can inspire you to ask your partner. Here are tips that can help you out.  


Step 1: Don’t be scared of rejection

Usually what makes people scared of asking someone to homecoming is rejection. Even if you do, the action will be appreciated so don’t be scared!


Step 2: Figure out the best time to ask her or him

Don’t  procrastinate and wait until the last minute to ask, this only builds more stress for the both of you. Manage your time wisely and ask at least a week before homecoming.


Step 3: Decide how’d you like to ask him or her

Usually a poster with a cute or funny pun relating to what she or he likes is a good idea. Try to do it in person for better results rather than over social media.


Step 4: Make the project

Some good ideas include posters, gifts, food,a funny song or flowers. Always relate to something they like such as sports, make up, music, favorite shows or favorite food places.


Step 5: Find a good place to ask him or her

Some places that people like are during school (usually lunch), their car, their house, a park, or a creative location.


Here are some examples that can inspire you: