A Wrestling Poem

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Celeste Trumbla, Marketing Team, Reporter

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In came a 79 pounder, with a heart that cared quintuple her future.

But her appearance said she needed killer features, because her skin and bones couldn’t keep or teach her.


Better, bigger dream– her journey began; yearned to get somewhere and be proud at least.

Wrestling was sharp like a razor and hit harder than her desire.

“Is it even worth all the pressure?”


As time went by, she grew fiercer.

Hardship exposed her hustler fever.

…This was her prayer.


Easy wasn’t in this chapter; her inner hunger became tighter and tighter.

Until the fighter within her triggered the greatest danger: she was a winner.


Separated were the contenders from the pretenders.

Never was she Hitler, just a tiger ready to build her empire.

This once 79 pounder, made it out a 102 pound leader.

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