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Friendships after high school

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Friendships after high school

Lauren Galvis, Copy Editor, Reporter

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As senior year comes to an end, so do friendships. Some friendships fade naturally; they were just your school friends, and that’s the only place you would see them. Other friendships are way more important than that. Some friends you’ve had since elementary, others since junior high, and some even in high school. Even some close friendships come to an end after high school. Everyone vows to remain in touch and that you’re ‘going to be friends forever,’ but unless effort is put into the friendship, that’s not going to happen. As college starts, you no longer have time to text or constantly be tweeting each other. Instead you have to focus on school, work, and being independent. If you live far away, you can’t constantly be visiting home and you’re not going to see your friends in person anymore except for holidays. As much as we don’t want our friendships to stop, they do. It’s beyond our control.

Personally, none of my best friends and I are staying together. We all got accepted different colleges, and although they are all relatively close, each one of is leaving Katy and living in a different city. We all want to stay close and always be friends, but we understand that we are going to grow apart. College is where you have all of this new found freedom and you honestly discover yourself. New activities, new friends, and new problems come up during college, especially in the first year. School becomes harder because college is serious and the next steps into building your career and your future. Friendships don’t come to an end for no reason. After high school you want to continue your friendships, but life gets in the way.  

There are gonna be certain friends i’m not going to talk to all the time but I know that when I do it’s going to be like we never stopped talking, and everything will fall right back into place. True friendships are the ones where you can go weeks or months without talking but you know that you love each other and if you ever need each other you will be right there in a heartbeat. I’m never going to forgot my best friends and all the memories we’ve made throughout the years.

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Friendships after high school